Who are the biggest drinkers on the PGA Tour today?

The PGA Tour is home to some of the best golfers in the world. While the sport requires immense skill, focus and athleticism, there is also a drinking culture that exists behind the scenes. Some players are known to enjoy alcohol more than others, leading fans and media to speculate about who the biggest drinkers are. This article will examine several top pros with reputations as heavy drinkers and socialites on the Tour.

Brooks Koepka

One player who has gained a reputation as a party lover is Brooks Koepka. The 4-time major winner is known as one of the longest hitters in golf with his muscular physique. He also has a love for nightlife and the club scene when not competing.

Koepka has been spotted taking tequila shots at bars, enjoying bottle service with friends, and generally living a lavish lifestyle between tournaments. There are numerous photos and videos circulating of Koepka taking drinks and partying. He makes no attempt to hide his affinity for alcohol and regularly posts photos on social media with drinks in hand.

At only 32 years old, Koepka has already established himself as one of the top players in golf. If he can keep his off-course activities in moderation, he has the potential for a long and successful career. For now, Brooks embraces the lifestyle of a star athlete with plenty of money and fame.

Dustin Johnson

Another big-hitting American known for his love of nightlife is Dustin Johnson. The former world number 1 has taken some heat over the years for his drinking habits and party lifestyle.

In 2014, Johnson took a “voluntary leave of absence” from golf to “seek professional help for personal challenges”. It was widely reported this was related to his use of cocaine and excessive drinking. Johnson then had another slip up in 2020 when he missed the cut at the 3M Open. His explanation was that he was “a little hungover” after a night out that got later than expected.

Clearly, Dustin enjoys indulging in the drinking and party scene, sometimes to his detriment. With 24 PGA Tour wins and 2 Majors under his belt, he has shown he can still compete as an elite golfer. However, his repeated issues stemming from nights out have led many to dub him one of the biggest drinkers in golf.

Tiger Woods

No list of golfers who enjoy drinking would be complete without mentioning Tiger Woods. Earlier in his legendary career, Tiger was known for long nights out at clubs with plenty of drinking. Of course, his issues with binge drinking came out in full public view in 2009 when his infidelity scandal broke.

Details emerged of Tiger routinely getting drunk into the early morning hours and soliciting escorts at clubs. During this period, it was apparent that Tiger was abusing alcohol as he tried to manage the pressures of his career and marriage.

Now 45 years old, Woods no longer seems to indulge in wild nights of drinking. He has settled down personally and has battled back from injuries through discipline and training. Still, during portions of his historic career, Tiger certainly earned a place as one of the biggest drinkers on Tour.

Gerry McIlroy

Most golf fans are familiar with Rory McIlroy, a 4-time major winner and former world #1. However, fewer know the story of his father Gerry McIlroy and his infamous drinking habits.

The elder McIlroy has developed a reputation for over-indulging when he attends his son’s tournaments around the world. There are many examples of Gerry having too much to drink and getting a bit rowdy on the course.

At the 2016 Ryder Cup, he had to be escorted away by security after heckling some European fans. In 2015, Rory had to apologize for his father after Gerry yelled obscenities at volunteers at The Open.

While passionate in supporting his son, Mr. McIlroy’s tendency to overdo it with the alcohol has brought some embarrassment. With Rory being so high-profile in the game, his father’s drinking antics get plenty of attention.

John Daly

No list of the biggest drinkers in golf is complete without the inclusion of John Daly. The 1991 PGA Champion is nearly as well known for his drinking exploits, blow ups, and battles with alcoholism as he is for his prodigious power.

Daly has always been forthcoming about his love of alcohol and how it damaged his career. In recent years, he has gotten his drinking more under control. But during his PGA Tour days in the 90s and 2000s, excessive drinking, gambling, and chain smoking were routine for Daly. His tell-all autobiography revealed just how out of control his habits were back then.

Even today, at 56 years old and playing mainly on the 50+ Champions Tour, Daly still enjoys his vices. It’s clear any listing of the biggest drinkers in golf must pay homage to the hard partying legend John Daly.


While golf has a tradition of etiquette and composure, the PGA Tour certainly has its share of players who like to live it up off the course. Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods, Gerry McIlroy, and John Daly are among the pros with hard partying reputations.

Of course, alcohol abuse can become a serious issue for those who lack moderation. Hopefully these talented players will find balance and good health even amid busy touring schedules and the temptation to party. For fans, their drinking tales simply add to the colorful history and personalities that have defined golf over the decades.

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