What to Wear to a Driving Range Golf

Going to the driving range to practice your golf swing? Even if you’re only going to hit a bucket of balls, what you wear to the driving range is an important consideration. Choosing the appropriate golf attire and footwear can help you feel more at ease, play better, and look the part of a golfer. This article will go over the proper attire for the driving range, including tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories.

The first decision to make when getting ready to go to the driving range is what clothes to wear. While driving range dress codes are generally more relaxed than on the golf course, you should avoid wearing anything too casual, such as tank tops or short shorts. The right golf outfit can allow you to focus on your swing rather than pulling at binding clothing. Appropriate golf attire does not have to be costly; you can look the part without breaking the bank. Continue reading for tips on tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories for your next driving range session.


When it comes to tops, polo shirts and golf shirts are very common at the driving range. Moisture-wicking technology in dry fit polyester polos keeps you cool and comfortable as you swing, move, and sweat. Cotton tops can become heavy with sweat and restrict movement. Polo shirts and golf shirts are available in both classic solid colors and modern prints and designs these days. While tank tops and muscle shirts allow for free movement of the arms, they are frequently prohibited at public driving ranges, so opt for short sleeve or sleeveless tops instead. When hitting balls outside, don’t forget to wear hats, sunglasses, and UV-protective clothing.


Golf shorts, skirts, and pants are appropriate bottom options. For maximum mobility, golf shorts should be a few inches above the knee. Skorts (skirt/short hybrids) and golf skirts also provide a lot of freedom of movement. Compression shorts worn underneath shorts or skirts provide additional support and coverage. To combat the elements during the colder months, wear golf pants made of windproof and water-resistant material. Avoid wearing jeans or cargo shorts, which restrict movement and give a casual appearance. Belts are optional, but they can add a professional touch to your golf attire.


Footwear, along with tops and bottoms, is an important consideration when going to the driving range. The soles of golf shoes have spikes or cleats to improve stability and traction during the golf swing. The spikes grip the turf and grass, allowing you to swing confidently without slipping. Some facilities require golf spikes or soft spike alternatives that do not harm the turf. Start with athletic sneakers with good foot and ankle support if you’re new to golf before investing in golf footwear. When swinging in golf shoes, the right socks wick moisture and prevent blisters.


A few more accessories can round out your driving range ensemble. Golf gloves strengthen your grip, preventing club slippage during your swing. Gloves also absorb sweat and help to prevent calluses and blisters. Visors and hats not only provide UV protection, but they also reduce glare from the sun when trying to track your golf ball. Finally, keep golf tees, ball markers, divot repair tools, and other range items in a golf bag or pocket organized.


Are you going to the driving range soon? Wear moisture-wicking tops, unrestrictive bottoms or skirts, supportive footwear, and useful accessories to stay cool, confident, and comfortable. Instead of fussing with uncomfortable or binding clothing on the range, proper attire allows you to concentrate on your golf swing technique. Looking the part of a golfer also entails adhering to the facility’s dress code guidelines. So, before you arrive, familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’ts of golf attire. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned golfer, selecting a functional golf outfit can help your practice session get off to a great start!

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