What to Pack for a Golf Trip to Ireland

Ireland is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and storied golf courses. From gems like Ballybunion and Lahinch to prestigious venues that host major championships like Royal Portrush and Portmarnock, golfers travel from across the globe to play Ireland’s revered links.

If you’re planning a golf trip to Ireland, packing properly is paramount. Ireland’s climate can be cool and rainy even during summer months, so having versatile layers and waterproof gear is a must. And since many top Irish courses are located along rugged coastal terrain, broken-in shoes that provide stability on uneven lies are crucial.

This guide covers everything you should pack to maximize comfort, stay dry, battle the wind, and play your best golf possible on an golf trip to Ireland.

Clothing Essentials

Finding clothing that keeps you warm but doesn’t restrict your swing is key for a successful golf trip to Ireland. Fabrics that provide warmth but allow flexibility and breathability are ideal. Here are the clothing items you’ll want to pack.

Base Layers

Bringing moisture wicking base layers to wear under your golf attire is a wise choice in Ireland’s frequently wet, windy conditions. Merino wool and synthetic fabrics like polyester that draw sweat away from your skin will help regulate body temperature. For cooler temperatures, opt for long sleeve tops and bottoms in lightweight, breathable materials.

Insulated Outer Layers

Pack versatile outer pieces that provide insulation but allow movement. Vests, pullovers and quarter zip tops in lightweight merino wool or stretchy microfleece retain warmth while maintaining mobility. Water resistant soft shell jackets also regulate temperature and shield from the elements.

Windproof and Waterproof Jackets

Since passing storms and gusty coastal winds are common in Ireland, waterproof, windproof outer layers are essential packing items. Breathable jackets and pants made of waterproof, storm-fighting fabrics like GoreTex allow ventilation and range of motion. Performance materials also wick away excess moisture. Sturdy rain suits provide reliable wet weather protection.

Lightweight Sweaters and Fleece

Even on sunny summer days, Ireland’s coastline environments can turn cool and blustery. Packing lightweight insulating mid layers offers warmth and comfort between shots. Stretchy performance fleece pullovers retain body heat while allowing a full range of motion. Merino wool crew neck sweaters also regulate temperature swings thanks to moisture wicking properties.

Moisture Wicking Golf Shirts

The frequent mists and showers on Irish links make moisture management a top apparel priority. Quick drying performance golf shirts prevent clinging discomfort and maintain core temperature. Fabrics engineered with technical features to enhance breathability and control moisture will keep you comfortable in Ireland’s changeable climate.

Golf Pants and Shorts

Prepare for anything by packing pairs of comfortable golf pants along with shorts. Stretch fabrics allow freedom of movement for the golf swing. Consider water resistant pants for reliably dry comfort in wet conditions. Shorts can be worn to cope with spurts of warmer weather, but bring long pants to shield from potential winds and rain.

Golf Specific Accessories

Hats, gloves and socks engineered specifically for golf provide functional benefits tailored to the demands of the game. Here are key golf accessories to include when packing.

Waterproof Golf Gloves

Quality waterproof golf gloves enhance grip and prevent slipping for improved performance in Ireland’s prevalent rains. Premium leather construction also ensures long lasting durability over multiple rounds. Multiple glove pairs account for potential soaking and allow time to dry wet gloves between uses.

Golf Caps

Well fitted caps not only shield from the frequent rays of sun poking between clouds, but also protect against relentless winds. Material and adjustable closures prevent blowing off. A waterproof bucket hat also shields from rain. Bring multiple caps since wet headwear won’t quickly dry out.

Golf Socks

A supply of moisture wicking, cushioned golf socks engineered to prevent blisters makes walking lengthy stretchesof dunes and gorse more comfortable. Blends infused with antimicrobial silver fibers neutralize odor. Bringing enough pairs for an entire trip without laundering is recommended for convenience.

Golf Sweaters and Vests

Classics like sleeveless golf sweaters and argyle patterned golf vests not only provide vintage style, but an extra layer of light, breathable warmth over polos that still allow full mobility. Merino wool and cotton blends regulate temperature while looking smart on the links.

Footwear Fundamentals

From rocky terrain to spongy dunes, mastering Ireland’s uneven lies and undulations requires proper footwear. Waterproof models provide dry, stable footing in soggy conditions. Focus on traction, ankle support and comfort when choosing golf shoes for Ireland.

Waterproof Golf Shoes

Specialty waterproof golf shoes are prized necessities for Ireland trips. Extended submersion in rain, morning dew and marshy rough demands water resistant leather uppers and sealed seams. GoreTex linings also prevent damp penetration while allowing ventilation. Look for footwear with anti-sliding traction sole patterns to prevent slipping on slick terrain.

Spiked Golf Shoes

replaceable soft spikes bite through wet turf to prevent skidding, maximizing stability for accurate swings. They also brace against steep slopes and awkward lies for proper balance. Bringing extra spikes accounts for potential damage or wear. Spikeless golf shoes with gripped soles can serve as lighter weight backup options for foot comfort.

Golf Sandals

Breathable golf sandals make handy backups for sporadic bursts of sun, providing airy relief after consecutive soggy rounds. Performance models designed for golf feature supportive contoured footbeds, traction soles and padded straps to enable swinging comfort. Quick drying mesh uppers and antimicrobial liners prevent odor buildup.

Golf Boots

When heavy showers hit, waterproof golf boots shine by keeping feet warm and dry without restricting movement. Full grain leather surrounds feet in cushioning comfort with bellows tongues to block exterior moisture. Lugged rubber soles provide dependable traction across soggy links environments.

Golf Gear and Equipment

Irish golf terrain can be hard on equipment. Packing backup clubs, protective headcovers and multi-purpose tools ensures you can battle challenging conditions without disruption. These items complete well rounded golf travel packs.

Spare Golf Balls

Ireland’s coastal gusts gobble up balls blasted into thick rough and winding dunes, so carrying extras saves frustration. Covering a range of construction like surlyn, urethane and liquid centers accounts for different playing scenarios. Refurbished lake balls offer budget friendly backup. Durable balls withstand scrapes from stone walls and gorse bushes.


Neoprene or knit headcovers protect valuable woods and irons from dings during travel while keeping grips dry. Water resistant materials shield from moisture when storms hit. Designs featuring club numbers, national flags or college logos show Irish pride. Pom poms on drivers and putter covers bring fun flair.

Golf Club Protectors

Clear plastic club guards prevent damage to irons and woods from cramped luggage. Protecting club heads and shafts avoids costly repairs that could spoil the trip. Some models snap over individual clubs while full length sheaths cover the entire set. They feature padding and separate dividers similar to golf travel bags. Hard cases offer maximum protection.

Golf Towels

Packing multiple golf towels is wise since wet conditions lead to continual use. Look for quick drying fabrics like waffle weave cotton/polyester blends. Clip on metal rings attach where convenient. Plush sheepskin leather pouch towels conveniently ride along in bags to wipe grips and club faces between shots without bending over.


Portable golf umbrellas provide critical defense again torrential rain and howling winds. Fiberglass ribs brace against powerful gusts far better than flimsy metal frames prone to snapping. Jumbo canopies around 68 inches wide and vented designs allow airflow to prevent blowing inside out while keeping gear and grips dry walking holes.

Ball Markers and Divot Tools

Plastic or metal ball markers embellished with shamrocks, claddagh symbols and Irish blessings add commemorative flourish while helping identify your ball. Many double as combination divot repair tools with prongs for pressing in divots to care for the course. Pom pom markers attached to magnets or hang off caps eliminate losing them.

Golf Bag Rain Covers

Because soaked, heavy golf bags are cumbersome to haul over miles of undulating dunescape, keeping them dry is key. Full length rain covers made of waterproof polyester or vinyl slide over the entire bag to fend off downpours. Some feature hard plastic bottoms to keep standing bags off wet turf. Ensure a snug fit with adjustable drawstring openings and Velcro straps across openings.

Golf Bag Cart Covers

If you plan to ride in a golf cart to preserve energy across Ireland’s notoriously long walks between holes, a weatherproof cart cover protects you and your clubs. Sturdy structured builds with water resistant coatings, extended side flaps and secure fasteners shield bags and riders during passing showers and wind gusts.

Golf Multi-Tools

Lightweight, compact golf multi-tools conveniently equip you for equipment fixes and adjustments anywhere on the course without weighing down bags. Stocked with an array of components like ball markers, divot diggers, club brushes, spike tighteners and even screw drivers, they handle minor repairs that keep you playing. Attaching to belt loops, bags or riding carts keeps them close at hand.

Other Travel Accessories

Take advantage of modern conveniences that ease the burden of travel to maximize enjoyment of your Ireland golf getaway with these additional items.

Electronic Devices/Batteries

Phones, tablets, e-readers, headphones and battery packs allow uploading pictures to share your travel adventures back home. Portable speakers play music on the course or at the pub. Extra batteries prevent losing power for devices. Consider voltage adapters if devices aren’t dual voltage compatible.

Travel Adapters/Converters

Outlets in Ireland operate on 220 volt system versus the 110 volt standard in America, so bringing plug adapters allows using electronics without shorting them. Dual voltage devices like phones and laptops only need adapters, while others like hair dryers require power converters to operate properly.

Packing Cubes/Compression Bags

Utilizing packing cubes and compression bags in your luggage streamlines organization to fit more gear. Cubes neatly separate clothing, shoes and accessories by category. Vacuum-sealing allows compressing bulkier items like sweaters to conserve space. Color coded cubes help identify different types of contents at a glance inside bags.

Laundry Supplies

Preserves suitcase room by allowing hand washing personal items instead of overpacking for lengthier trips. Travel soaps, mesh wash bags, scrub brushes, clothesline and sink stoppers enable washing essentials in sinks. Quick drying synthetics clean easily with minimal rinsing. Wet Gear bags handle rinsed items.

First Aid/Pain Relievers

Waterproof first aid kits provide instant access to bandages, gauze, wraps, alcohol wipes and other essentials for treating minor cuts, blisters or joint injuries from falls until full medical can be reached. Anti inflammatory pills relieve strained muscles, back pain or soreness from long walks. Topical creams soothe sprains or arthritis flare ups aggravated by damp conditions.

Hand/Foot Warmers

Self heating hand and foot warmers generate up to 10 hours of gentle warmth to fight chill when temperatures dive. Thin, lightweight form factors slip into pockets, gloves, socks and shoes. Safe, natural ingredients like iron powder, activated charcoal, water and salt hold warmth. Perfect for boosting comfort between shots on blustery days or evenings at the pub.


A well rounded, smartly packed travel bag eliminates unwanted surprises and discomfort to let you make the most of a memorable golf trip to Ireland. Utilizing versatile multi-use garments engineered with technical moisture wicking fabrics ensures you stay dry in Ireland’s rainy environment. Waterproof footwear stabilizes footing on uneven terrain. Protecting clubs and gear from damage allows uninterrupted play across revered Irish courses. Accessories provide convenience and comfort.

Being properly equipped for Ireland’s dramatic climate may require more preparation than other destinations, but also ensures you experience it at its very best. Thoroughly planning clothing and gear keeps the focus on spectacular seaside scenery, rich culture, famous hospitality and iconic golf trip to Ireland rather than battling the elements. Hitting the links along Ireland’s ragged coastline in optimal playing condition makes for a trip that exceeds every expectation. The effort pays off in memories that last a lifetime.

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