What Should You Wear to the Driving Range?

Going to the driving range to practice your golf swing? What you wear while practicing can have an effect on your performance, comfort, and safety. It is important to choose the proper golf clothing and accessories for the driving range. This article will discuss how to dress appropriately for a productive and enjoyable driving range session.

The driving range is a practice area where golfers can work on their full swings, especially long shots with woods and drivers. Spending time at the range perfecting your technique is critical for lowering your course scores. You want to be focused, comfortable, and able to move freely while practicing your swing. What you wear during golf practice can help or hinder all of those objectives.

It is also critical to follow the driving range’s dress code and safety rules. To maintain a polished, premium environment and to reduce injury risks, many facilities have regulations prohibiting certain types of clothing. Fortunately, choosing a practical driving range outfit is simple if you follow a few guidelines.

Top that is both comfortable and breathable

When it comes to tops, it’s important to wear something loose and breathable. Making full, powerful swings repeatedly on the driving range causes your body temperature to rise. Sweat will not weigh you down if you wear a top made of moisture-wicking performance fabric. It will also allow your arms and shoulders to properly mobilize during your golf swing.

A classic golf polo shirt is an excellent choice. Avoid anything that is too restrictive in the shoulders or too tight around your core and hips, as this may limit your ability to rotate freely during the swing. Stick to light colors, too, because dark shirts absorb and retain heat in the sun.

Flexible Bottoms

Wear flexible bottoms with a full range of motion in addition to a breathable top. Golf pants, shorts, or skirts designed for athletic movement are ideal. Stretch fabric, a gusseted crotch, and partial elastic waistbands provide the mobility required for a smooth swing.

The proper bottoms will allow you to move freely into an athletic stance. They will also resist ripping or tearing even when bent at the knees and turned at the hips. Avoid wearing jeans or work pants, which may restrict your ability to coil and unwind powerfully.

Shoes that are well-cushioned and supportive

The footwear you wear is also important for an effective driving range session. Look for lightweight golf shoes that provide adequate stability and cushioning. Flexing the soles allows for fluid pivoting into your backswing while remaining supportive during forceful downswings.

Spiked golf shoes provide excellent traction and stability during full swings. Most driving ranges require soft spikes made of plastic or rubber rather than traditional metal spikes, which damage the turf. If you prefer spikeless golf shoes, make sure the sole design provides good grip and stability.

To avoid discomfort, the uppers of your golf shoes should be breathable and flexible. Uppers made of leather or mesh allow air to reach your feet. Firm heel counters prevent sliding, while elastic laces, straps, or gussets make it easy to slip shoes on and off between shots. Proper fit and support are also essential for preventing blisters and fatigue during long practice sessions.

Optional Fluctuating Conditions Layers

The weather at the driving range can change throughout the day, from cool mornings to hot afternoons. Having extra layers on hand allows you to adjust to changing temperatures. A lightweight wind shirt provides coverage in windy conditions or when temperatures are cooler in the shade.

Pair a vest or pullover with a base layer shirt to insulate your core during cold early sessions. Carry rain protection, such as waterproof outerwear, on overcast days to keep swinging through passing showers. Adjustable hats, gloves, and sunglasses can also help protect against rain and sun glare.

The key is to wear clothing that you can easily remove, put on, or tie around your waist. You want to be able to swing freely while remaining comfortable as the weather changes. Regardless of the weather, versatile layers allow you to fine-tune your golf game.

Protection against the Elements

Driving range sessions expose you to the sun, wind, and other environmental factors that can wear you down over time. While practicing for hours outside, make sure to adequately cover up, apply sunscreen, and take other protective measures.

Hats reduce glare while providing UV protection to your face and neck. UV-blocking sunglasses enable you to see shots clearly without squinting in direct sunlight. Water-resistant golf gloves protect against blisters while also providing grip if your equipment becomes wet from rain or sweat. High SPF sunscreen applied to exposed skin protects against burns and skin cancer risk from prolonged outdoor training.

You can focus entirely on improving your skills if you protect yourself from the most extreme environmental threats. Protective gear and sun-protective habits allow your mind and body to withstand the demands of rigorous golf practice.

Dress Code Policies Compliant

Finally, be mindful of any posted dress codes at your local driving range. To maintain a polished atmosphere, most facilities prohibit overtly casual attire and certain types of shoes. Common restrictions include tank tops, graphic tees, jeans, cargo pants, and open-toe shoes.

Despite the fact that they are public practice facilities, driving ranges promote themselves as upscale golf destinations. To align with the country club sport image, they implement dress codes that prohibit casual streetwear. Examine the published guidelines of your preferred facility and avoid wearing clothing that they deem inappropriate for their brand and clientele.

While driving range dress codes discourage sloppy or ragged clothing, they should not prevent you from wearing truly functional golf practice equipment. Polos, shorts, caps, and golf shoes tick all the comfort and compliance boxes. If you wear performance athletic wear instead of everyday street clothes, you will look and feel your best while swinging for hours at the range!


Choosing the right clothing for driving range sessions ensures that you perform at your best while remaining safe and comfortable. Breathable, stretchy fabrics allow for unrestricted mobility as you perfect your golf swing. Cushioned athletic shoes provide traction and stability on turf, while grip gloves improve your grip. Weatherproof accessories and protective layers allow you to regulate your temperature and protect your skin as the weather changes. Above all, follow the posted dress code regulations so that you can practice without interruption. You’ll be ready for success at the driving range with the right golf outfit and essentials!

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