How to Play Mulligan Golf

What is Mulligan Golf?

A mulligan is a second chance to take a shot in golf. It is a practice that is not allowed in formal competition, but it is commonly used in informal games between friends.

To take a mulligan, a player simply declares that they are doing so before taking their second shot. The first shot is then ignored, and the player’s score for the hole is based on the second shot.

Mulligans can be used on any type of shot, but they are most commonly used on tee shots. This is because tee shots are often the most difficult shots in golf, and even experienced players can have bad rounds.

Why Play Mulligan Golf?

There are a few reasons why people choose to play mulligan golf.

  • To make the game more fun and enjoyable. Mulligans can help to take the pressure off of players and make the game more relaxing. This can be especially beneficial for new golfers or golfers who are struggling with their game.
  • To improve one’s score. Mulligans can give players a second chance to make a good shot, which can lead to a lower score.
  • To level the playing field. If there is a big difference in skill level between the players in a group, mulligans can help to make the game more competitive.

How to Play Mulligan Golf

There are a few different ways to play mulligan golf.

  • One mulligan per hole. This is the most common way to play mulligan golf. Each player gets one mulligan per hole, which they can use on any shot they want.
  • One mulligan per round. With this variation, each player gets one mulligan per round, which they can use on any hole they want.
  • Unlimited mulligans. This is the least common way to play mulligan golf, but it is the most forgiving. Players can take as many mulligans as they want, but they may not want to do this too often, as it can take the fun out of the game.

Mulligan Golf Etiquette

There are a few things to keep in mind when playing mulligan golf.

  • Make sure that everyone in the group agrees to play with mulligans before the round starts. This will avoid any confusion or arguments later on.
  • Be honest about when you are taking a mulligan. Don’t try to sneak one in without telling anyone.
  • Don’t take too many mulligans. It can be tempting to take a mulligan on every hole, but this will make the game too easy and take the fun out of it.

Mulligan Golf Variations

There are a few variations of mulligan golf that can be played.

  • Mulligan and Recall. In this variation, each player gets one mulligan and one recall per nine holes. A recall is a shot that can be forced by one of the other players. If a player hits a bad shot, another player can call a recall, which forces the player to replay the shot.
  • Breakfast Ball. A breakfast ball is a mulligan that can be taken on the first tee shot of the day. This is a good way to warm up and get the day started on the right foot.
  • Mulligan Scramble. In this variation, players are divided into teams of two or more. Each player on the team gets one mulligan per hole. The team can choose which player’s mulligan to use on each shot. This is a fun and challenging way to play mulligan golf.


Mulligan golf is a great way to make the game of golf more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. It is a good way to reduce the pressure on players and to level the playing field. However, it is important to remember that mulligans should be used in moderation, as taking too many mulligans can take the fun out of the game.

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