Golf Tips for Beginners: 11 Fantastic Tips to Master Your Game

Golf is always challenging, especially when you’re just starting, but don’t worry; we’re here to help. We’ve brought together some of the best golf teachers, professional players, and popular social media instructors to give you valuable advice and improve your game as a beginner. Here are 11 fantastic golf tips for new players:

Grip the club to prevent slicing

 If you tend to slice the ball, it’s likely because you need to close the clubface faster. Try making practice swings with your hands separated on the grip to improve. Keep your gloved hand in the normal position and slide your lower hand down towards the shaft. This separation will make it easier to square the clubface and maintain a proper swing.

Achieve perfect posture in three steps.

 Your setup greatly affects your swing, so make sure you have the right posture. Press a club against your thighs and bend forward from your hips while slightly flexing your knees. Avoid hunching your back, and let your arms hang straight down. Grip the club with your gloved hand at a 45-degree angle to your forearm, then add your other hand. Congratulations, you’re now in the perfect setup posture.

Start with a square clubface.

Misaligned clubface at address can cause your shots to go astray. Place an alignment stick outside the golf tips ball, creating a 90-degree angle with the target line. Align the club’s leading edge with the stick during setup, and then move it back to its regular position. This simple trick ensures a square clubface every time.

Check your putter path.

 Position your putter just inside a baseboard and make your stroke. If you hit the board, it means there’s an issue with your path. The goal is to miss the board using a straight or arcing stroke.

Generate speed by getting wide early.

 Speed in your swing starts at the beginning. Whether you swing at 80 miles per hour or over 120, the key is to create width during your takeaway. Many recreational golfers struggle with a full turn because they don’t focus on creating width. Try taking the club back as far out as possible, which naturally encourages a good turn and generates more speed on the downswing.

Improve driving with a simple drill.

Distance and accuracy are essential in driving. To achieve both, extend your arms fully through impact. Tee up a ball and place another tee six inches outside the first tee, angled at 45 degrees. You aim to strike the first ball and swing the clubhead over the second tee. This drill helps you achieve the correct power positions.

Increase clubhead speed

Imagine a whip connected to your clubhead. You must snap your wrists and hands without overswinging your shoulders to make the whip crack at the bottom of your swing. Attach a ribbon to the shaft to practice this motion. The goal is to make the ribbon “crack” at the bottom of your swing, increasing your clubhead speed.

Stop chips on a dime.

 Your golf bag can be a training aid to generate more spin on your chip shots. Lay it on the ground two feet before the ball, across your target line. Hit chips over the bag using your sand wedge. The proximity of the bag to the ball forces you to hit down sharply and with acceleration, creating maximum spin.

Square up your stance in bunkers.

 Playing sand shots like the pros can be challenging for most amateurs. Simplify it with square shoulders and a square clubface, with the ball slightly forward or center. This setup allows you to dig the blade into the sand and avoid blading or hitting the shot heavily.

Keep your head steady.

Place a ruler on top of a mantel or dresser, with one ruler taller than your head and another at chin height. Practice making swings without disturbing the rulers. This exercise will help you maintain a stable and solid head position during your swing.

Hold the club for more speed.

 The way you grip the club affects your power. When the grip rests in your palm, it becomes harder to hinge and generate power. Instead, position the grip diagonally across your fingers, as shown in the illustration. Wrap your thumb pad over the top of the handle. With this grip, you’ll be ready to unleash your speed.

Golf can be challenging for beginners, but with the guidance of top instructors and professionals, you can improve your game. Follow these 11 golf tips, including correcting your grip, perfecting your posture, aligning your clubface, practicing with drills, and maintaining a steady head. These techniques will help you enhance your skills and enjoy the game of golf to the fullest.

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