9 Tips For Hitting Pure Iron Shots

Hitting pure iron shots is the key to scoring well and shooting low rounds in golf. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of flush contact and watching your iron shot fly straight and true towards the target. While it may seem daunting for high handicappers, hitting pure iron shots is achievable through practice, lessons, and implementing key techniques. In this article, we will explore 9 tips to help you make more consistent, pure contact with your irons.

What are Pure Iron Shots? 

A pure iron shot is one that is struck cleanly in the center of the clubface with proper technique. This leads to maximum ball speed and distance control. A pure shot will launch at the ideal trajectory and land softly on the target, rather than veering offline or falling short. Pure contact produces that coveted “compressed” feel and sweet sound that all golfers strive for.

Some characteristics of a pure iron shot:

  • Ball launches mid-to-high on the clubface
  • Minimal sidespin so the ball flies straight
  • Maximum distance for the club/swing
  • Soft landing with little roll out
  • Consistent flight and dispersion pattern

Why Pure Contact Matters Making consistent pure contact leads to better iron play and course management. You can attack pins more aggressively, avoiding trouble spots. Solid iron shots lead to more greens in regulation, more birdie chances, and lower scores.

Beyond score, nothing builds confidence like flushing irons. Pure shots provide feedback that your mechanics are sound. This reassurance can carry over to the driver, wedges and putter. Ultimately, the sensation of clean contact is what makes this game so addictive.

How to Hit Pure Iron Shots: 9 Tips

Proper Setup and Posture

 The foundation of all great ball-striking is setup. To pure your irons, set up to the ball with:

  • Feet positioned below your shoulders, shoulder-width apart
  • Knees flexed slightly
  • Weight balanced evenly on the arches of your feet
  • Spine tilted forward from the hips around 30 degrees
  • Chest proud and chin up
  • Arms hanging relaxed from the shoulders
  • Clubface square to target line

This athletic posture promotes proper sequencing of your body during the swing.

Ball Position Ball position

 Influences launch spin and compression. As a general rule, position the ball:

  • Forward in your stance for long irons
  • Middle for mid irons
  • Slightly back for short irons and wedges

Adjust 1-2 balls forward or back based on factors like slope and wind. Consistent ball position ingrains correct impact dynamics.

Proper Weight Shift

To strike down and through the ball, you must properly shift your weight during the swing. On the backswing, load into your right side allowing the left heel to lift. Transition weight into the lead side as you start down. Feel around 75% on the front foot at impact.

Let the club swing more under your body with irons. Weight shift powers the proper delivery path without manipulation.

Shallow Out the Shaft

The key to compressing irons is a shallow attack angle. As you begin the downswing, focus on bringing the club down at a flatter, more sweeping plane. This allows you to strike the ball first before taking a divot.

To help shallow the shaft, feel like your left forearm rotates over your right on the downswing. Eliminate chicken winging for solid contact.

Accelerate Through Impact

 Once you get to your left side, keep accelerating the club through impact. Maintain your spine angle and really fire your hips for maximum speed. Think ‘jam the gas pedal down’ just before you strike the ball.

This burst powers compression and negates the slowing of the handle. Feel like your follow through whips to finish facing the target.

Forward Press

Use a slight forward press to start the takeaway in sync. Push the hands forward 1-2 inches while pressing the clubhead back against the ball. This loads the shaft and gets everything moving in one piece.

The forward press also helps shallow the plane and prevents casting from the top. It’s a trigger for proper sequencing down.

Swing Straight Back 

When you take the club away, feel like you lift it straight back on the same path as the target line. Avoid pulling the hands and clubhead too far inside on the backswing. Stay wide to shallow out the approach angle.

A more upright backswing positions the club properly at the top for an on-plane downswing. Keep the trail elbow tucked to prevent chicken winging.

Straight Lead Arm 

As you swing down toward impact, keep your lead arm extended out in front of your chest. Maintain the angle between your lead forearm and clubshaft for as long as possible.

The lead arm provides both leverage and control to strike down through the shot. Let the club naturally release rather than flipping the hands.

Consistent Pre-Shot Routine

 Finally, a consistent pre-shot routine is key to hitting quality iron shots. Run through the same checkpoints before each full swing:

  • Pick a specific visual target
  • Get set over the ball in your posture
  • Waggle to feel proper plane
  • Rehearse the swing trigger
  • Take a deep breath and go

Your routine acts as a trigger for your motor memory to perform the proper motions. It also keeps your mind from getting cluttered with technical thoughts before you swing.

Stick to your routine on every iron shot for improved consistency.

Mastering these tips requires practice and reinforcement on the driving range. But investing this effort is well worth it. Learning to strike pure iron shots gives every golfer the ball-striking skills needed to shoot lower scores and have more fun on the course. Not only that, but it makes the game much more enjoyable when you make consistent, solid contact with your irons. Work on these techniques and you’ll be flushing the ball towards pins in no time!

The Key Points:

  • A pure iron shot features center contact, ideal launch, and a great sound/feel.
  • Solid iron play leads to more GIRs, birdies, and lower scores.
  • Proper setup, weight shift, path, and acceleration create compression.
  • Shallowing the shaft, forward press, and routine boost consistency.
  • Practicing these techniques ingrains proper striking for lower scores.

Conclusion Great ball striking requires both solid mechanics and consistent routine. By implementing these 9 tips for hitting pure iron shots, all golfers can make dramatic improvements. Contact will become more centered while dispersion tightens for more precise play. Flushing irons provides a tremendous adrenaline rush along with lower scores. Work on shallowing your swing plane, forward press trigger, and accelerated impact for immediate benefits. Sharpen your iron play today and you’ll be dropping birdies in no time!

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